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WeHo Takes Down Rainbow Flag In Attempt To Be Inclusive

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West Hollywood may have rainbow banners flapping in their traffic medians and rainbow crosswalks, but it's now drawing the line at flying a rainbow flag at city hall. The flag, which flew for about seven months, was taken down after the city council's unanimous vote a few months back to fly only the US, California, and West Hollywood flags, reports the LA Times. Doing so is supposed to serve as a reminder that, while a significant portion of the city identifies as gay or lesbian, WeHo "belongs to heterosexual people as well, and City Hall belongs to everybody in this community, gay or straight," Councilmember Duran said at one of the many meetings to decide the flag's fate. (Duran has previously spoken in favor of rainbow flags and crosswalks.) Some feel that the flag takedown symbolizes West Hollywood's movement away from its identity as a gay haven, but it's hard to see that happening any time soon. Meanwhile, the guy who donated the flag to the city is asking for it back.
· Rainbow flag removed from atop West Hollywood City Hall [LA Times]

West Hollywood City Hall

8300 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069