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Prediction: Eagle Rock Will Be Second Hottest US 'Hood Of 2014

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Sure, everyone likes Eagle Rock, but who saw this coming: listings site Redfin has named the 'hood the second hottest neighborhood in the US for 2014. (Last year, using rather more data-driven methods, they named Highland Park number one in the US.) Is everyone growing up and moving to the suburbs all at once? Delayed Obama/Occidental effect? Or maybe Eagle Rock is just pretty nice and not totally insanely-priced. This year the rankings are based on listings visited and favorited over the past four months, and the input of local real estate agents, and—probably not a surprise—San Francisco's Bernal Heights North Slope came out on top. While schools and parks are perennial popularity-drivers, "Redfin agents have found that the real trend in 2014 neighborhood popularity is a short commute at an affordable price." Eagle Rock listings shot up in popularity 128 percent over the year before; median sale price for the not-terribly-transit-accessible 'hood was $539,000 in 2013. Redfin also picked the top five hottest 'hoods for the Los Angeles area and they're all pretty unexpected; four were in the northeast and Playa del Rey rounded out the list.

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