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Rent A 1920s Bungalow In California's Only Historic Trailer Park

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It's not all about celebrity real estate around these parts—here's a listing for someone who prefers the simpler life. The residence in question is located within Highland Park's Monterey Trailer Park. Founded in the early 1920s by a local gas station owner named Elmer Drummond, the trailer park was awarded Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument status in 2002. According to a Los Angeles Times feature from that year, the 1.7-acre camp is occupied by 22 trailers and mobile homes, along with a handful of permanent structures, including "a pair of small Craftsman-style houses" erected by Drummond in 1923 and 1924. And according to Craigslist, one of these Craftsman cottages is now available for rent. Annoyingly, no interior photos are provided and the ad is stingy on details, specifying only that the cottage has two bedrooms, "hardwood floors, granite counters and a yard." Monthly rent for the historic property is $1,400.

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