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Buy Your Own Afghan Warzone With Tanks And Humvees In The Santa Clarita Valley

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The Santa Clarita Valley has multiple movie lots, but this one, the newly-on-the-market Blue Cloud Movie Ranch, is the go-to spot for movies that need to look like they were shot in dangerous, faraway places. Its specialty is imitating an Afghan warzone, as it's done for Zero Dark Thirty, something called Zero Dark Dirty (staring Corey Feldman and Frank Stallone, so you know what you're getting), and Iron Man—possibly with the aid of its "Third World Country Sets," but maybe with its "Foreign Courtyard" or "The Cave" sets, too. It's so realistic that the LA Times once reported that the military used the "Afghanistan-town" for training exercises. The owner of Blue Cloud claimed in the same profile that the lot made him $1 million in 2011, but now his loss can be your gain. This purposefully bombed-out spot in Saugus is asking $7.5 million, and that price includes Humvees, some tanks, and a few helicopters (we're not sure if that's counting the one from the "Helicopter Crash Set").

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