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The Freeway Widening That Gave You Carmageddon Now Wants You To Tangle With Jamzilla

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Caltrans and Metro's Valentine's gift to LA is what they're calling Jamzilla (ok, ok, you've had your fun, guys), a part-time closure of the 405 Freeway that's part of the always-frustrating Sepulveda Pass Improvements Project. Between February 14 and 18 (the President's Day long weekend), they'll reduce lanes on five and a half miles of the northbound 405 through the Sepulveda Pass during the day and close the section completely at night. We asked Metro if we are nearing the end of this long nightmare—this year we'll mark the third anniversary of the original Carmageddon—and spokesman Marc Littman said, "Most of the major freeway widening work is done, the new Sunset and Mulholland bridges are done and Skirball Bridge is just about finished along with Wilshire and Sunset ramps work, etc. Last year we opened a general purpose lane from the I-10 to just north of Wilshire." The major project left to complete is the northbound HOV lane between West LA and the Valley. No specific date for completion has been named other than the previously-stated mid-2014 window. Littman stresses that when they finally finish this thing, we'll have continuous carpool lanes from Orange County to North LA County, so there's that.
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