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How They'll Make An Ice Rink At Dodger Stadium In 80° Weather

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It's supposed to be above 80 degrees every day this week, but nature be damned, there WILL be a sheet of ice thick enough to play hockey on in Dodger Stadium's infield for the Kings-Ducks hockey game on January 25. The ice rink, which will run from third base to first, is created and maintained via "the proven refrigeration technology of the imported floor and the 53-foot mobile refrigeration unit" that arrived today at the stadium, according to the Dodgers site. To avoid sloping or lumps in the ice, the rink had to have a subfloor built in. Now, the plan is to make ice at night, then to cover the entire field with "thermal blankets" during the day to shield it from sunlight.

That's right, according to this artist rendering that the NHL gave the LA Times, there will also be a beach volleyball court in left field and a rollerblade hockey court at home plate. Over in right field, all those pyrotechnics are for the band KISS, which is playing the show (the rendering specified KISS, though they're not the only act playing).

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