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Checking in on Palms's NMS@Culver City Project

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While not as robust as development in some neighborhoods, Palms has had a few underutilized lots built up over the past few years as we've chronicled before. Three cheers for Palms! Not to be left out is the Culver City-adjacent NMS@Culver City project, which should technically be called NMS@Palms, but we're not one to quibble. After a slow start, the project is finally taking shape as can be seen from the pictures we snapped this week. When completed, the six story, mixed-use building will feature 131 units and 12,148 square feet of ground floor retail. The project will also help alleviate a dearth of one-bedroom apartments in the area with 47 units identified as one-bedroom and 84 as two-bedroom. The projecting boxy design is brought to you by local architects Killefer-Flammang. Scheduled opening is this year.
· Work's Begun on Killefer Flammang's NMS@Culver Mixed-Use [Curbed LA]

NMS@Culver City

9901 Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA