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The Roof Of The Forum Is Now A Giant Spinning Eagles Record

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If you're flying over the Inglewood Forum today, look down and be amazed/horrified by the 407-foot vinyl record of "Hotel California" spinning at 17 mph (no word on how many rpm) on top of the venue. You might be thinking,"Hmph, I've seen bigger," but you haven't—this is the world's largest vinyl record, and it has replaced the roof of the Forum until the end of the month, according to USA Today. That specific album was chosen because the Eagles will be the first band to play the Forum after its recent $100-million dollar renovation, so the point of this stunt is to use "the pop culture power and reach of a legendary band like the Eagles [to send] a loud message that the Forum is back," says the marketing dude whose company made the giant album.
· Biggest LP ever: Eagles spin atop The Forum in L.A. [USA Today]

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