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Justin Bieber Egged His Neighbor's House Last Night

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God bless Justin Bieber: Last night his neighbor in Calabasas "says he heard something banging against his house in Calabasas around 7:30 PM Thursday, and when he stepped on to a 2nd floor balcony ... he says he saw Justin down below hurling eggs at his front door." The insanely dangerous driving is one thing, but egging your rich, profanity-hurling neighbor definitely goes with the monkey in the "making the most of your pop stardom" category. According to TMZ, the neighbor yelled "What the hell are you doing?" and then Bieber started aiming right for him. There's a video below and it is expliciiiiiit. The neighbor says Bieber threw nearly two dozen eggs and that, obviously, he and Justin have tangled before (perhaps in the spitting incident?). Sheriff's deputies were called and are apparently now investigating Bieber for vandalism.

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