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Hollywood's Dream Hotel Getting Bigger But Reducing Parking

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It's been quiet on the Dream Hollywood hotel front for a while, but it's back, according to the Hollywood Neighborhood Council (via Building Los Angeles). Developer Five Chairs goes before the council's planning committee on Monday to seek support for an extra floor on their proposed Selma Avenue hotel, bringing it to a respectable 10 stories and upping the room total from 120 to 182. Using bike parking credits—and likely proximity to the Red Line—they want to slice the underground parking spots from 107 to 65 (with some extra spaces leased in a nearby lot). The hotel will go in the footprint of a current parking garage and feature a futuristic design from Killefer Flammang, which if not befitting the street, suits the hyper-modern Dream brand. Don't worry, the site is south of earthquake territory, at least according to the preliminary fault maps from the California Geological Survey.
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Dream Hollywood

6417 Selma Ave., Los Angeles, CA