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Bev Hills Townhouse Is Doctor's Office Outside, Vegas Inside

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Welcome to the "utmost desirable town home in Beverly Hills": a dentist's office. At least, that's the vibe we're getting from the flat-faced, fortress-like facade and the weird, double-decker door that welcome you into this place. And yet, once you get inside, it becomes clear that you are definitely not in a dentist's office. You are in an over-stimulating, ruffled nightmare. "Tastefully redone from top to bottom in 2011," in the style of a 12-year-old girl given free reign at a TJ Maxx, noteworthy features of this three-bedroom, three-bathroom house include marble floors everywhere, at least four chandeliers (that we can see), a fully-mirrored bathroom (ew), a kitchen covered with one-inch metallic tiles, and an Escalade. They are asking $1.25 million.

· 9321 Burton Way Unit A, Beverly Hills, CA [Estately]