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Broadway's 100 Year Old Globe Theater Coming Back With Maybe Fewer Shootings

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The Globe Theater, one of Broadway's historic but dilapidated venues, is getting a sprucing, reports Downtown News (in their digital edition). The century-old theater sits at the bottom of the Garland Building and, most recently, served in the 'Aughts as the home of the sketchy Club 740, which closed two years ago after assaults, shootings, and a murder. Current owner Erik Chol wants to put another nightclub in the Globe, but he says it will cater to a more "higher-end" crowd. The club will be called The Globe Theater (naturally) and will likely host music performances, movie premieres, and private parties. With the opening, Chol plans on reactivating the mezzanine balcony, lighting up the marquee at night, and reopening the Broadway entrance (Club 740 revelers had to enter through an alley on the side). Work is already underway and an opening is planned for November.
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