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Huge Bike-Friendly Overhaul of Figueroa Hits Traffic

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The plan to give Figueroa a major ped- and bike-friendly makeover from DTLA to Exposition Park is in a bit of a hurry. Dubbed MyFigueroa, the $20 million which will install continental crosswalks, raised transit platforms, streetlights, wider sidewalks, public art, and LA's first protected bike lane needs to start by January and wrap up in 2014 or it'll lose its Prop 1C funding. Which is why City Councilmember Curren Price is being very careful to say he doesn't want to delay things even as as he's also telling stakeholders "let's not rush through it," according to Downtown News. Price has asked for a new in-depth analysis of ways to mitigate car traffic impacted by the street reconfiguration. The ticking clock on the money is also worrying Darryl Holter, who owns eight car dealerships on Figueroa and thinks this should all happen on some other street. Meanwhile the Executive Director of Los Angeles Walks calls the situation "worrisome." MyFigueroa is subject to the approval of LA's Department of Transportation.
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