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Silicon Beach Gets Mom Cred, Microsoft Moves Into Playa Vista

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%2009.13MSofficeOh Silicon Beach, what have you wrought? Beleaguered tech company Microsoft (remember them? They're the ones making the operating system your mom uses) has moved into new office space in Playa Vista. From the looks of it, Google has little to fear from Microsoft's threat to its reign as LA's coolest tech office. The move from downtown will be Microsoft's LA base for 130 employees and according to an interview with KPCC, reflects a desire to be closer to their customers in the entertainment industry, such as Disney and Warner Brothers. Does Microsoft know where those companies are located? Because last we checked, Burbank was closer to downtown than Playa Vista.

Microsoft joins its Xbox division, as well as YouTube, Netflix and Facebook, setting up westside offices, as well as hundreds of start-ups (including many that rose from ashes of MySpace according to the NY Times). Our tech-savvy mayor was on hand for the ribbon cutting, and is eyeing bringing more tech companies across the Santa Monica border back into LA's fold, starting with video game company Riot Games. Will Rose Ave be the site of a new border crossing battle? --Marissa Gluck *Headline edited to remove Palos Verdes/Playa Vista confusion.
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