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Westwood's Empty Storefronts Getting Art-ed, Glammed Up

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As Westwood Village struggles to get back on its feet, part of a plan spearheaded by the Hammer Museum and funded by the LA2050 initiative is gearing up to launch later this year. Arts ReSTORE LA: Westwood, going from November 1-24, will fill empty retail spaces with "designers, craftpersons, purveyors, and innovators such [as] dosa, IKO IKO, Fallen Fruit, ForYourArt, Loyal Dean, Whitman's Beard Used Bookstore, Freehand, Iron Curtain Press, Heather Levin, Tanya Aguiniga, and others," according to the art museum's fall 2013 calendar. Some of the storefronts will also be filled with craft workshops by Unique LA, as well as a series of street performances curated by UCLA's Center for the Art of Performance. Also, keep your eyes peeled for a student "hub" with activities for UCLAers by UCLAers.
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