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LA: Yes on Freeway Park, SaMo: No to Koolhaas

[The One Santa Fe project currently under construction in the Arts District, Downtown]

This Week's Top Stories: In cool map thing news, the Smithsonian has combined a map of Los Angeles from the 1880s with a current satellite view to show how the roads and neighborhoods of LA have grown and changed, but also stayed the same in some respects. One corner likely to change in the near future is at the intersection of Sunset and Crescent Heights where a big mixed-use project is planned to replace that terrible strip mall. Further east in Hollywood, we have a few new renderings and plans for the proposed Palladium-adjacent twin towers. It's back to the drawing board rendering software, as the Santa Monica City Council has rejected a Rem Koolhaas-designed mixed use project at Fourth and Arizona because it lacked a sufficient amount of housing. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles City Council is bully on a proposed park that would cover the 101 Freeway flowing through Downtown LA, an dhas agrred to partner with a non-profit to raise funds. It's been an amazingly hot week and things aren't cooling down this weekend, so let's take a look at why we're all melting. The Val party house from Clueless where Tai was knocked out by a shoe is on sale in Granada Hills for $825k.