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Mapping Out the Rising One-Bedroom Rents Across Los Angeles

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Well it's not bad to be a renter in Los Angeles these days, but it is worse, at least according to these new (August) numbers from RadPad and RentMetrics--they say that rents have gone up 10 percent in the past year (and that the average increase is usually more like two to three percent). They've mapped out just how expensive it is to rent a one-bedroom/one-bathroom in several neighborhoods across the city. Here are the highs and lows:

-- Most affordable neighborhoods: Crenshaw ($869/month), North Hollywood ($1,040/month), and Koreatown ($1,235), Pasadena ($1,260/month), Glendale ($1,350/month).
-- Most expensive neighborhoods: Brentwood ($2,540/month), Westwood ($2,485/month), and Marina Del Rey ($2,445), Santa Monica ($2,430/month), Pacific Palisades ($2,150/month).