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Watch Moby and Wayne Coyne Be Mariachis in Downtown LA

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LA's favorite amateur architecture critic (Moby) and the guy from the Flaming Lips (Wayne Coyne) got all dressed up like mariachis and braved the treacherous Angels Flight for their new video for "The Perfect Life." They also tramped down Broadway and frolicked at the top of a skyscraper with a bunch of variously-clad weirdos, it's a lot of fun. Los Angeles magazine's Chris Nichols ran into them during filming last month and Moby told him "We shot the whole thing within walking distance from 4th and Broadway. We used the escalator of the Metro and we were the only people in the station. People in L.A. don't use public transportation. We shot in a really filthy alley with rats and poop and then this leather clad gimp jumps out from behind a dumpster. If I woke up with the plague, I wouldn't be surprised." Watch it all right here:

Moby - The Perfect Life (with Wayne Coyne) from Moby on Vimeo.

· Mariachi Moby Gets Lost Downtown [Los Angeles]