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Mid-City West Greenway Would Add Bike Signals and More

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Hot on the heels of the Michigan Avenue Neighborhood Greenway (MANGO!) in Santa Monica comes this proposal for two bicycle-friendly corridors through Mid-City West. A greenway is proposed for east-west traffic along Rosewood Avenue, from La Cienega to La Brea--this would connect with a north-south corridor along Cochran/Alta Vista/Formosa/San Vicente to the West Hollywood border just below Santa Monica Boulevard. The plans are partly in line with the city's five-year bike plan implementation strategy, which included the Rosewood corridor but proposed Hauser/Martel a few blocks west for the north-south route. So what might this glorious greenway mean for Mid-City West streets?

Sharrows--you know, those arrows that tell drivers to share the road with bicyclists. But it could also include additional continental crosswalks, a bike-only signal at La Cienega and a regular one at La Brea, repaving particularly rough sections of road, speed bumps, and links to the also-planned greenway along Fourth Street, among other tweaks to the streets. The plans have gotten unanimous approval from the neighborhood council's transportation committee. The neighborhood council board will vote on the proposal next week.
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