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Tech Billionaire Larry Ellison Transforming Casa Malibu Inn Into "Japanese Concept Hotel"

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After 60 years as a cozy hotel and discreet celeb getaway, beachfront Malibu Casa Inn will be closing its doors when the lease runs out next Tuesday. After an extensive remodel, it will eventually reopen as a hotel, albeit a very different kind: software billionaire Larry Ellison--who bought the place in 2007 and seems to own half of Malibu--is planning a "Japanese concept hotel" to "correspond" to nearby sushi restaurant Nobu Malibu, according to the Santa Monica Daily Press. Renovation plans have been approved and will reduce the number of rooms from 21 to 16; a permit for a major remodel that "does not allow for complete destruction of the site" has been issued. Architect Severine Tatangelo of Studio PCH, who also designed the Nobu space, is working on the project.
· After 60 years, Casa Malibu Inn closing [SMDP]