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Santa Monica Airport Foes Want To Turn It Into a Park

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Neighbors have been gunning for the Santa Monica Airport--favored landing spot for rich people with small airplanes--for a while now, and several groups have now joined forces to try to turn the place into a park. Rather straightforwardly, they've called their coalition Airport2Park, and it includes groups like the awesomely abbreviated CRAAP, (or, more boringly, Concerned Residents Against Airport Pollution). The impetus is the looming 2015 expiration of an agreement between the city and the FAA and rising calls to close the place when it the deal ends (weirdly, people don't like living near airports). CRAAP founder Marty Rubin told the Santa Monica Lookout that his group has been campaigning for the airport to close, but was concerned about what might replace it and worried it might be "another Century City or Playa Vista." But don't worry, not everyone is picking on the poor little airport; Friends of Santa Monica Airport and Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association both want to see it stay open.
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