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Why Is It So Infernally Hot and Humid in Los Angeles This Week?

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The National Weather Service has busted out the red thermometer/shimmering sun clip art combo, so you know this heat is truly dire. You also know that if you've been outside in the past week or so. And it will go on like this: "Temperatures will continue to be above seasonal normals into the weekend. The hottest locations will be in the Los Angeles and Ventura County Valleys, though coastal locations will have greater differences from normal. Overnight low temperatures will be quite warm and some valley locations might not get below 80 degrees during the next night or two," says the NWS. It might get "slightly cooler" by Sunday. Part of the issue is this exotic humidity--it's hit 60 percent some afternoons--but temps are also way way above average, and could be as high as 20 degrees above normal today and tomorrow. Why is this happening to us? Probably because we've harbored a greedy and cynical entertainment machine for all these decades, but in a more scientific sense because of a "massive high pressure zone" and storms off the coast of Baja. An NWS rep tells KPCC that "The storms form off the coast out there and when they fall apart they get pulled up into our area," in this case by the edge of the high pressure front, creating humid conditions. That high pressure zone will move into SoCal today and tomorrow, which should at the very least push the humidity out. As always, stay hydrated and keep an eye on your babies and old people.
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