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Will LA Demo or Rehab LAPD's Famous Old Parker Center HQ?

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The LAPD's lovely and storied Parker Center at First and Los Angeles has been empty for about nine months now; most of the department moved out of the modernist HQ in 2009 and the last employees left in January. Ever since the LAPD moved into its glassy new HQ, the city's been trying to figure out what to do with old Parker, designed by Welton Becket, opened in 1955, and made immediately famous by its role on Dragnet, and later as the symbol of a corrupt and racist LAPD. Yesterday the city finally released an environmental study of the options--they've narrowed it down to three:

Rehabilitation (B1)
Under this plan, the 319,048-square-foot Parker would be brought up to date (seismic retrofitting, fire safety improvements, energy efficient upgrades, ADA compliance) and the existing building "would be reconfigured to provide office space for City employees, and rentable commercial space." The garage would be expanded to hold about 137 spaces. There could also be an "inter-building tunnel" from Parker to City Hall East.

Partial Demolition, Rehabilitation, and Addition (B2)
Under plan two, Parker would be rehabbed as in plan one, but the jail would be demolished, and a new expansion building would be added (with a connection to Parker, at a max. height of 200 feet), for "approximately 522,255 square feet, of which approximately 16,500 square feet would be for commercial space and a child care facility." This option includes about 328 parking spaces and the same optional tunnel to City Hall East.

Demolition and Build (B3)
Under plan three, Parker would be totally demolished and the city would build a new office building or two (total 753,730 square feet, max. height of 450 feet) with about 1,173 parking spaces. "The new building(s) could take on a variety of configurations, but would generally fill the footprint of the existing Parker Center building. Outdoor open space and a pedestrian connection between City Hall to the west, and the Little Tokyo neighborhood to the east and south would be provided."

The draft environmental impact report (pdf) will go out for public review tomorrow and circulate until October 21.
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