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Watch Garcetti's Hot Kayaking Photo Shoot on the LA River

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LAX is a pretty dreary place that's on its way to becoming just a bit less dreary, and the Portrait of Los Angeles Project (an endeavor of the mayor's office) is another little push in the "actually somewhat welcoming to visitors" direction. For the project, local/famed photographer Catherine Opie has volunteered to take iconic pictures of the city to be displayed at the airport--she shot Mayor Garcetti recently as he kayaked on the newly-hot LA River and he's just released this charming video. He's also asking citizens to identify other iconic LA places for Opie to capture; everything from Disney Hall to Dockweiler Beach to Lake Hollywood have been suggested so far.

· Portrait of Los Angeles Project [LA Mayor]

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045