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"Bird's Nest" Building Densifying WeHo One Floor at a Time

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A charming two-story West Hollywood building is becoming a modern three-story office structure, at some point, according to Wehoville. Construction dates are murky, but developer Fred Roshan plans to create a 10-foot recessed patio on the second floor of the building on Santa Monica a bit west of La Cienega, while steel posts descending from the roof will create a "very light, airy, bird's nest feel," according to someone attached to the project. Commercial real estate firm CBRE BRC Advisors is already marketing the renovated building, though their rendering from last year depicts the third floor as a patio and not enclosed office space. Don't panic, WeHoans, there's parking in the back.
· WeHo 'Bird's Nest Building' In the Works on SMB [Wehoville]