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Will Jets Be Banned at SaMo Airport Following Plane Crash?

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Westside residents have been clamoring to shut down Santa Monica Airport for decades, but the crash on Sunday that likely killed a construction executive and his son will probably bolster those demands. Both state senator Ted Lieu and LA Councilmember Mike Bonin have pushed for closure, with the latter posting on social media that "Last night's crash was just 150 feet from nearby homes...There have been more than 80 crashes related to this airport since 1982. Meanwhile, nearby residents are suffering from harmful jet fuel emissions. It is time to shut this airport down." Lieu retweeted Bonin's comments and told the LA Times that the airport was never designed to accommodate jet planes. "It started as an airport for propeller planes," he said. The crash "shows the potential dangers." Lieu doesn't want SaMo to renew the airport's lease with the FAA in 2015--not renewing would effectively ban jets at the airport. Meanwhile, some locals are pushing for a giant park to replace the airport.
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