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City Getting Serious About Cap Park Over the 101 Downtown

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The city is making some attempts at improving the pedestrian connections between Union Station and the Civic Center, but nothing would bridge that gap like the proposed Park 101, which would cap portions of the Hollywood Freeway in Downtown with a giant awesome park. The City Council took a big step toward making Park 101 a reality on Friday when they unanimously voting to partner with a nonprofit group to seek funding for the venture, CBS LA reports. The city will join hands with Friends of Park 101 to try to raise private, federal, and state money for the park. As it's currently envisioned, Park 101 would connect the Civic Center with Olvera Street, Chinatown, and Union Station; it would likely open in five phases, the first would be a small segment near Olvera Street and the last would be near the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.

· A Walk In The Park On The 101 Freeway? City Council Says 'Yes' [CBS LA]