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Hideous Holmby Hills Mansion With Its Own Nightclub Returns

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One of our mossst favor-ite mansions in all of LA has come back onto the market with a brand new, exciting price that almost makes you forget how terrible it is. This Holmby Hills mansion has been listed and delisted repeatedly since Jesus rode dinosaurs around the La Brea Tar Pits, with prices bouncing up and down with no known target or strategy. We first took notice of the home, known as La Villa Consolata, in 2006 when it underwent a surprising $5 million price increase to $27.5 million while other homes were being pricechopped all over America. In 2011 we noted that after being delisted and relisted the home came back on the market in 2008 at $28.5 million, but then had been chopped down to $27.5 million again. The home has been relisted with Mauricio Umansky of The Agency and is now priced at $24.25 million. The 27,816 sq. ft mansion was built by Steven Wallace, founder of Pacific Brokerage Service, but became property of his ex-wife Jo-Anne as part of their divorce. According to the blog, the home is rumored to have been rented by Donatella Versace, Janet Jackson and Tommy Hilfiger (hopefully all at the same time).
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