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FLW's Storer House, Wilshire La Brea's Messy Mixed User

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[Curbed went inside Leimert Park's historic Vision Theater. Photo by Elizabeth Daniels]

This Week's Top Stories: This week we looked at the nearly completed Wilshire La Brea mixed use project to see what happens when a project gets shrunk, stretched, jumbled and then forced to try to make everyone happy. Let that project be fair warning to opponents and critics of the proposed mixed-use project at Sunset and Crescent Heights, which had its first showing before the local firing squad this week at a neighborhood meeting. We also had our first look at new renderings for the Sunset and La Cienega project designed by SOM and Lorcan O'Herlihy Architects. Frank Lloyd Wright's beautiful Storer House, one of his four textile block houses in Southern California, has come back on the market for a tidy sum of $6.9 million. The current Riverside-Figueroa bridge, slated to be replaced and then demolished, may present an opportunity for park enthusiasts to get some new open space a la the High-line. VICE visited the Salton Sea and reports back with what you'd expect -- a dying body of water and a town that's dying along with it.