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Suspected Gang Members Can No Longer Talk to Each Other in Echo Park and Silver Lake

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The proposed gang injunction that's pit neighbor against clapping neighbor in a tragic Silver Lake civil war has been approved by the Los Angeles Superior Court, reports Eastsider. The injunction covers six gangs in a 3.8-square-mile "safety zone" that includes Echo Park, Elysian Valley, and parts of Silver Lake. People named in the injunction "are prohibited from associating with other gang members in public, intimidating or harassing members of the community, possessing firearms or narcotics or possessing alcohol in public." Fans say it will help police crack down on gang activity in the neighborhood, but there's a lot of concern that the powers it grants are way too broad and can be unfairly applied, and that the whole thing's unnecessary anyway in light of falling crime rates. In deference to those fears, this will be the first of the city's many such injunctions that includes a five-year expiration date.
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