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Spy Into Mid-Century Balboa Highlands Tract Houses as They Become Transparent

Mid-century housing tracts, laid out all perfectly with their landscaping and their cars in the driveway and their blank faces, are just so ripe for voyeurism--you have to figure something good is going on beneath all that good grooming. For one night only last week, artist Nate Page and Machine Project gave voyeurs a peak inside mid-century developer Joseph Eichler's Balboa Highlands tract, sort of: "Using the expansive, impenetrable facades as projection screens, the videos show homeowners moving about inside, as they would normally be seen through the translucent glass walls facing their backyards." The videos were spaced on houses throughout the neighborhood, on Darla Avenue, Lisette Street, Nanette Street, and Jimeno Avenue. Take a peep via video below:

California Living, by Nate Page (select raw footage) from machine project on Vimeo.

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