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Dog-Crazy Historic Core Gets "Designated Doggie Relief Areas"

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Downtown loves its dogs. It loves them so much it can get disgusting. Really gross. The Historic Core, having led the gentrification parade in Downtown, leads the way now in dealing with the resulting dog refuse. (43 percent of residents in the neighborhood own dogs!, according to Blair Besten of the Historic Downtown Business Improvement District.) The HDBID has just installed three "designated doggie relief areas" with astroturf and, crucially, turf deodorizer, as part of a pilot program--they're hoping the city will like the idea and allow more throughout the neighborhood. They've also put up signs on garbage cans reminding dog owners where it is and is not appropriate to let their dogs go. This is a pretty great amenity for the 'hood, but, in the Gentrification Wars, Silver Lake still wins the Dog Poop Pickup Battle.

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