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West LA Car Dealership/Mixed-User Will Be Super Bike-Friendly

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The proposed Martin Expo Town Center is special for many reasons: the mixed-user would revitalize Olympic and Bundy, provide more riders for the under-construction Expo Line rail station there, and, well, it's a transit-oriented project developed by the owners of a car dealership. The Martin family owns the GM lot at the northwest corner of Olympic and Bundy and is proposing a pedestrian-friendly development with 516 units, 200,000 square feet of creative office space, 67,000 square feet of retail, public paseos, and a showroom for Martin's environmentally-friendly vehicles. The Martins are now upping the green ante by announcing the project will have bike sharing, servicing, and storage facilities for residents: "For the Martin Family, we know that the influx of millennials who will occupy both our creative residential units and creative office spaces, are highly receptive to non-vehicular mobility alternatives, such as biking," according to the project's blog. "Fewer and fewer of them own or want to own cars because they are increasingly expensive due to ballooning gas prices, insurance costs and the overall purchase price of a car."
· We Love Bikes [Martin Expo Town Center]