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What's in Store For the Big Glendale-Hyperion Bridge Makeover

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The Bureau of Engineering has kicked off the review process a proposed $50-million seismic retrofit and general upgrade of the Glendale-Hyperion Bridge between Atwater and Silver Lake. The three-year project is due to start work in 2016 and will leave the bridge looking the same, but being newly in compliance with modern seismic and highway safety codes. The good news? It (probably) won't fall down in an earthquake! The bad news? The iconic bridge will remain pedestrian-and-bike-unfriendly. According to Streetblog, the city's 2010 Bike Plan calls for bike lanes on the bridge, which is said to be the flattest route across the LA River north of Downtown (cue jokes about weak-legged hipsters). The draft environmental impact report notes this, but says that cyclists can use the shoulder instead.

But let's get back to the good news. Eastsider lays out many of the planned improvements to the 84-year-old bridge (which is actually not just a bridge, but a complex of seven structures). They include moving the 5 North offramp to better connect to Glendale Boulevard, consolidating sidewalks, adding a new crosswalk, and creating a new "alternate pedestrian crossing over the Los Angeles River across the existing Red Car piers (downstream of the viaduct complex) to connect the bike path along the southwest side of the Los Angeles River with Glendale Boulevard on the northeast side of the River."

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