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Curbed LA is Hiring an Associate Editor!

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Hey there, Curbed LA is hiring an associate editor--we're looking for someone who loves and knows Los Angeles, has killer writing/reporting skills, and is both hardworking and fun. If you have a deep interest in development, architecture, and/or urban planning, that'll be helpful, but the most important thing is that you care about Los Angeles and its neighborhoods and can write intelligently about same.

The associate editor will blog daily and have some minor editorial duties; they should be based in Los Angeles. This will be a part-time freelance gig at first, but the right person could go full-time with benefits (healthcare and matched 401k) by the new year.

To apply, email with a paragraph about you and a paragraph about your interest in the job (give us an idea what you'd do if it were yours). If you've got a blog and/or a Twitter and/or online clips, kick the links to those our way, too. Sorry, real estate pros, we cannot hire you.