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Councilmember Proposes Solution to Ending Homelessness at the Tujunga Wash

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Finally, the LA City Council is looking into finding and implementing long-term, research-based solutions to ending the homelessness problem in the San Fernando Valley. LOL, JK, no they're not, they're looking into a law that would ban homeless encampments along the Tujunga Wash, in "a rural area at the edge of the Angeles National Forest," according to the Daily News. They're also going to install "No Trespassing" signs right away. Solutions! "We have determined that there is a tremendous need to do the clearance of the Wash," says City Councilmember Felipe Fuentes, who proposed the ban (without advance notice, so there was no chance for the public to weigh in). He then added "I mean a tremendous need to help the increasing number of people living in poverty in Los Angeles." Psych, no he didn't add that. About 50 people are living in the Wash right now; the head of a local homeless services provider (who opposes the ban) says they're mostly older people with deep local ties.
· Ban proposed on homeless encampments in Tujunga Wash [LADN]