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Stall Tactics Could Be Fatal For Big Bike-Friendly Fig Makeover

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The MyFigueroa plan to turn a four-mile stretch of road from Downtown to South LA into a multi-modal wonderland of protected bike lanes and amenities for pedestrians and transit riders (and, of course, drivers) has hit another speed bump, which could be a big problem. Car dealership owner and vocal opponent Darryl Holter has submitted a quaintly/crazily handwritten appeal of the project, and it'll be heard by the City Council's Planning and Land Use Committee, and then by the full City Council. While the formal filing didn't much impress Streetsblog--they called it "half-baked," phoned-in, and lacking in any new information--it doesn't actually need to be upheld to stop the plan in its tracks. MyFigueroa's funding requires that the work be completed in 2014, which means it has to begin in January. The project team is confident things will stay on track, but if Holter's appeal can gum up the works long enough (even if it eventually fails), it can jeopardize the whole project.
· Formal Appeal Filed Against MyFigueroa! Streetscape Project by Auto Dealerships [Streetsblog]