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Bob Hope's Toluca Lake Estate Hits the Market For the First Time Ever Asking $27.5 Million

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Beloved entertainer Bob Hope and his wife Dolores moved to this piece of land in Toluca Lake waaaay back in 1939, when Howard Hughes dominated the skies, Hitler dominated Czechoslovakia, and movie stars clustered in Beverly Hills and Los Feliz. The Hopes had architect Robert Finkelhor design a house in the middle of what was then a walnut grove; over the years they kept acquiring more and more land and in the 1950s they brought in the king of Hollywood Regency, John Elgin Woolf, to renovate "in a more contemporary style," as the LA Times puts it. The house is now 14,876 square feet on 5.16 acres and it is all up for sale (the buyer won't be allowed to subdivide for five years). It all comes with a two-bedroom/two-bathroom guesthouse, two-bedroom/one-bathroom staff quarters, offices, indoor and outdoor pools, a one-hole golf course, and loads of gardens. Asking price is $27.5 million. If you are a Hope fan with gajillions of dollars, pick up a twofer with this and his Palm Springs John Lautner house, which looks like either a volcano or a mushroom and is asking $50 million.

· 10346 Moorpark Street, Toluca Lake, CA 91602 [Jade Mills]
· Here is Bob Hope's Palm Springs Lautner Asking $50 Million [Curbed LA]