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Here's James Franco's "YOLO" House at Hollywood Forever

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It's Monday and actor/artist/highly-educated person James Franco is making something weird in a cemetery as a marketing stunt for a company that takes a cut of people renting out their spare rooms. Welcome to another week in your life at the end of the American empire, friends. Right, so, Airbnb is coming to Los Angeles this weekend to "[celebrate] the most interesting people, places and experiences in Los Angeles." The partying is centered around five "pop-up listings"--prefab houses in high-profile locations "curated" by notable Angelenos (but actually designed by local pros): actress/comedian/writer Lake Bell will have an Arts District house focused on local artists; actress Anjelica Huston's Venice house is local-food-themed; musician/architecture enthusiast Moby's Viper Room house has an ambient house theme; and model Molly Sims's Grove pop-up maybe has a vague/nonsensical "all-American, Old Hollywood" theme.

But meanwhile, at Hollywood Forever, Franco's pop-up house "takes guests on a nostalgic journey through Hollywood history" designed by Matthew Lanphier. The main thing you'll notice is an enormous YOLO sign, which lead designer Emily Henderson tells the LA Times is "a trite hashtag right now, but we're trying to use it ironically, since we're at the cemetery." It'll also have a custom paint-by-numbers piece, a hand chair "based on the design of Pedro Freideberg," and "an exterior wall the design team is calling 'the mausoleum,' with 32 placards printed with quotes from Franco's favorite authors and equipped with miniature vases of fresh flowers, just like a real mausoleum."
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