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Los Angeles Wastes More Energy Than Phoenix or Houston

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Los Angeles may be less of an ecological nightmare than it was in the twentieth century, but there is much room for improvement, according to the 2013 City Energy Efficiency Scorecard, released this week by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (via KCET). LA was ranked 28 out of 34 cities on the council's scorecard, behind unsustainable cities like Phoenix (where everyone needs an air conditioner), Houston (where there's no zoning), and Detroit (where everything's crumbling). Boston was number one in efficiency and San Francisco, at number three (it tied NYC), was California's top city. The scorecard looked at things like local government operations, community-wide initiatives, building policies, energy and water utilities and public benefits programs, and transportation policies.The scorecard puts a lot of weight on city halls setting specific goals for efficiency, offering incentives like bike sharing (no, we don't have that yet), and pushing their own staff to lead by example (at least we don't have a deputy mayor of transpo who drives a Hummer anymore!).
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