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Metal/Horrormeister Rob Zombie Selling Hancock Park House

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Rob Zombie: musician, founder of the band White Zombie, director and revivifier of the Halloween movie franchise, lover of taxidermy. Or at least so we assume from the photos of his just-listed Hancock Park house featuring precious little by way of furnishings, save a giant dead bear. Details are sparse, but the half-timber-Tudor house was built in 1924 and has six bedrooms and five bathrooms. Downstairs are large entertaining rooms, including a paneled dining room and a remodeled kitchen, and out back there's a pool and guest house on the half-acre lot--none of it at all horrifying or metal-fabulous, which might come as a disappointment to Zombie fans. The best we can do is tell you that, according to the Movieland Directory, the actor who played Hoss on the TV show Bonanza had a fatal heart attack here in 1972. Ooh, scary. The house is listed for $3.95 million.

· 555 S. Muirfield Rd. [Redfin]