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Santa Monica May Get A Bike Share Program Before LA Does

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LA was so close to launching its pilot bike share program this summer, before Bike Nation, the company running the scheme, realized they couldn't sell advertising on the bike kiosks and the whole thing got put on hold. So now Santa Monica is rushing forward with plans of its own. Santa Monica Patch noticed that city staff has recommended that the city get themselves a bike share program; the matter will be considered in the city council next week. Staff are recommending six steps, including seeking potential funding, coordinating with other jurisdictions to ensure regional bike shares can link up, considering whether bike share infrastructure can use city property (like sidewalks), and putting out a request for proposals to find a vendor to make the city's bike share dreams a reality. But with all those things on the to-do list, it doesn't sound like shared bikes are coming to town super soon.
· City Council To Discuss Bikesharing Implementation [SM Patch]