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The Valley's Getting Two New Little River-Adjacent Parks

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Last week we had huge LA River news and today we have a pair of comparatively bitty developments. In addition to approving the La Kretz Crossing bridge to Griffith Park, the city's started work on the second phase of a $10-million river revitalization plan. The project will transform a vacant city-owned lot in Sherman Oaks into a river-adjacent park and paved bike path, and it's just one of two new river parks planned in the Valley says the Daily News. Work is due to start in three months on the second, which is a little further east; it will join up with an already completed bike path between Laurel Canyon and Whitsett. The work is being funded in part by Prop K "LA for Kids" funds. The phase two park is expected to open in about nine months.
· City turning vacant land into new L.A. River park [DN]