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LAPD Respond to Clapping Riot at Silver Lake Council Meeting

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Police were called to a recent meeting of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council earlier this month after what Patch is calling the Silver Lake Rebellion. At issue? Not Airbnb (the SLNC has been debating whether to ask the city to ban them from neighborhood), but the controversial gang injunction that would cover Echo Park and parts of surrounding neighborhoods, including Silver Lake. Supporters say they need the injunction to get gang members off the street, while opponents argue that injunctions are too easy to abuse and lead to racial profiling. But rather than argue the merits, things seem to have devolved purely over parliamentary procedure--weirdly, the triggering event appears to have been applause. After what sounds like a series of miscommunications and perceived slights, SLNC voted 8-7 to oppose the injunction. A "unity clap" broke out in the audience, which annoyed the (usually non-voting) chair so much that she cast a vote to tie it up. But things really went south when a late arriving member cast a final vote in favor of the injunction. The chair tried to restore order and, though some board members "mingled freely with the audience," police called for back up and the hall was cleared. And so ended the short-lived Silver Lake Rebellion.
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