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New Girl Paints Its Own Fake, Forbidden Crosswalk in Hollywood

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Los Angeles recently installed 50 safer-style crosswalks and is rolling out 19,770 more. Plus now there's one totally unusable one in Hollywood, courtesy of unexpectedly enjoyable sitcom New Girl (which films frequently in the Arts District). Brad Fidler (the man who brought you the internet history museum at UCLA) spotted this weirdness, apparently near Ivar and Hollywood--the sign reads in part "This crosswalk is for set dressing purposes only for the television show "New Girl". This is not a real crosswalk and is not for use of general public." It then instructs aspiring crossers to head over to a "real" crosswalk down the street. This crosswalk is an illusion! Don't step on it or you'll pass right through and fall into a vast, terrifying negative space ruled by pure mathematics. Like in Tron. But not exactly, because Tron is not real.
· i have an even better idea [@brfidler]