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Big Markup on Historic Châteauesque Townhouse in Hancock

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This townhouse unit at the historic Faubourg St. Denis in Hancock Park just hit the market, a mere 18 months after it last changed hands. The FSD is a five-story Châteauesque building designed by James M. Conway in 1928 and deemed an LA historic-cultural monument in 2009 (it's listed under its original name, Beverly-Sycamore). The unit listed is a freestanding three-story structure on the same property but with a separate address and street entrance around the corner. It's a "designer done, 3,800 sqft. home" with three bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms, plus a media room on the top floor. The master suite comes complete with bar and office, and should you choose to ever leave such a well-equipped place, you'll find a pool and spa (shared with the condos in the main building) outside. The townhouse, which comes with parking for two, sold for $2.4 million last year. It's now listed--with most of the same photos--for a rather ballsy $2.575 million.

· 307 N. Orange Drive [Redfin]
· Historic-Cultural Monument application (pdf)