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Board of Supes, City Council Push for 2024 LA Olympics

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The hopes for a 2024 Olympics in LA are becoming more than utter fantasy: first, the City Council passed a unanimous resolution last month supporting the LA bid and now the LA County Board of Supervisors has made a similar, and rather more formal, pledge of support yesterday, KCET reports. The Boards of Supes will send a letter to the United States Olympic Committee to "formalize its interest and cooperate with the Southern California Committee for the Olympic Games in its hosting bid." County support is imperative as more than half the Olympic venues would be outside official city limits but within the county (e.g., Pasadena's Rose Bowl, the Galaxy soccer stadium in Carson) Other American cities vying for the Olympics include Philly (puh-leeze), Dallas (ugh), Boston (no), and DC (best of luck). Winning the Olympics may be the only way we see big infrastructure projects--like the people mover to LAX (pictured)--happen before we're all taking Boniva and Cialis.
· L.A. County Wants the Summer Olympics Back in 2024 [KCET]