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100 Fancy Little Apartments Headed For Northeast SaMo

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It seems like ages since we've had a new development in Santa Monica that's not along the future Expo Line corridor, but here's one: Century West Partners are proposing a five-story mixed-user on the site of the Bank of America at Wilshire Boulevard at Berkeley Street. According to Santa Monica Patch, the building would have 100 residential units above 12,000 square feet of retail space and 199 unbundled parking spaces (meaning the spaces aren't automatically tied into lease agreements). No word on what the rents might be, but from the rundown of amenities on the developer's website (Bluetooth-enabled speakers, granite counters, stainless steel appliances, and the like), it sounds like they're aiming squarely at the high end. There's a community meeting devoted to the project tomorrow, but the local homeowners' association has already shared their initial list of concerns: They include the density of the building and size of units (predominantly studios and one-bedrooms) and, of course, new traffic. CWP's intentions to develop a second building just down the street, with retail space and an additional 83 apartments, aren't helping the neighbors rest any easier.
· Community Meeting To Discuss Proposed 5 Story Bank of America Project on Wilshire [SM Patch]