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Emboldened Millennium Hollywood Opponents Launch New War

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Handel Architects

Opponents of the huge Capitol Records-hugging Millennium Hollywood project threw everything at the wall (Rape! Murder! Terrorism! Life-endangering traffic!) before they found an objection that stuck--a "calamitous" earthquake fault that they say will turn the building into a "tomb" in the event of an earthquake. Is it a real risk? Who knows! But unlike their other objections, this one got some traction, and now there's a lawsuit, plus further study on the precise location of a fault line underway. But the angry neighbors are now just getting cocky. A neighborhood group has launched an ethics complaint, and the building and safety department's general manager Raymond Chan is in the firing line. According to the LA Times, Chan's son, a Southwestern Law School student was an intern at Sheppard Mullin, developer Millennium's law firm, for five months earlier this year. Now, it's certainly not impossible that some quid pro quo could encourage a city official to overlook potential problems with a proposal--though there isn't any evidence, in the Times article at any rate, that this actually happened. But for an internship? If city workers are selling off the safety of its citizens, we certainly hope they're getting more than that out of it.
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