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7 Dramatic Before/Afters From the Huge LA River Rehab Plan

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Reach 1. Pollywog Park, looking southeast Last week, the US Army Corps of Engineers released its many-years-in-the-making plans to restore an 11-mile stretch of the LA River between Griffith Park and Downtown. They considered several options and in the end settled on a modest $453 million alternative that would get the river flowing again, dramatically increase animal and aquatic habitats, rip out some of the concrete channel, and improve access to and recreation opportunities along the river. While the city mourns the death of the billion dollar alternative that would best integrate the waterway into city life, our perennial punchline of a river would still see a massive makeover if the plans go ahead. But rather than paint a word picture for you, here are some actual pictures--seven renderings from the report paired with recent photos of the same areas for comparison.

Reach 2. Looking upstream from Riverside Drive Bridge

Reach 3. Verdugo Wash, looking downstream

Reach 6. Looking west, with the Bowtie Parcel in the foreground and Marsh Park in the


Reach 6. Taylor Yard, looking downstream

Reach 7. Arroyo Seco Channel, looking westward


Reach 8. Piggyback Yard, looking southeastward
· Los Angeles River Ecosystem Restoration Integrated Feasibility Report (pdf) [US Army Corps]
· Huge LA River Restoration Report Recommends $453MM Plan [Curbed LA]